Why XchangeWiser ?

- XchangeWiser can help you to manage your Portfolio, monitor your PnL, calculate your Risks, use AI for best investment options,
- Races multiple Artificial Intelligence algorithms for best performance for each of your investments,
- Unique Personalized Machine Learning Agent,
- Fintech product, does all the ugly calculations (incl. risk, book value, volatility, indicators),
- XchangeWiser works on any stock market globally, besides CryptoCurrencies, Commodities, Currencies, Funds or indices,
- Investment Simulation, 100% risk free,
- XchangeWiser provides portfolio management, investor training, investment simulator, real time price tracker and many other features, besides its robust multiple AI racing framework and AutoML, ExplainableAI and ResponsibleAI approaches.

Life worths living

XchangeWiser, automatically calculate your risks, highest profit possibilities XchangeWiser provides AI services for all stock markets, commodities, crypto-currencies, funds, indicies or currencies. XchangeWiser gives you the guidance and recommendations to help you build your investment portfolio.

Keeping You Safe

Your personal information is fully encrypted, securely stored, and protected by our state-of-the-art technology. We ensure this by implementing security protocols and security benchmarks to protect your account.
Your connections to XchangeWiser are also securely encrypted for your security. XchangeWiser also fits GDPR rules and regulations for your privacy. Our data centers are monitored 24/7 internal and external cameras.


Personalized For You

You can easily manage your portfolio by monitoring the risk of each stock or commodity.
Your first step to investment is a quick training instead of questionaires. Spend your time to learn and manage your portfolio wiser instead of filling questionaires.


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Problems and Solutions


Financial markets, especially the stock market, contain many risks. While it is not possible to eliminate this risk, but to reduce it, it is necessary to follow the balance sheets of companies, financial and political developments at macro and micro levels as well as many changes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to analyze such big data for individual investors. However, through artificial intelligence, all variables are learned by XchangeWiser and financial predictions are developed.

In the markets where financial assets are traded, even seconds are very valuable. It is almost impossible for individual investors to perform a healthy analysis in this race. However, XchangeWiser analyzes all data for investors and converts the data into insight to make smarter decisions.

XchangeWiser has been developed in a way that the individual investor can easily use and interpret. The process just starts with the selection of the financial assets in the following list of investor, and XchangeWiser displays the analysis of five different algorithms and their predictions. In addition, by clicking on the asset name, a retrospective predictions for that asset is displayed. With these developed methods, it is aimed that investors do not abide by to a single algorithm and have a versatile insight..

XchangeWiser conveys the involved analysis to investors via mobile and web versions at any time of the day.

One general opinion about financial analysis is that interpretation as well as financial analysis requires several training and experience. However, XchangeWiser is designed to provide results that can be easily interpreted to investors of all levels. XchangeWiser converts prediction and existing values into line graphs as a result of the analysis. In this way, it allows the comparison of prediction and existing values easily. The success of the algorithms can be easily observed by looking at the overlap ratio of the line graphs of the prediction and existing values.

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